Signature Strengths
Exercise Nº4
Finding new ways to use your character strengths.
How it works
This is a once-a-day activity that lasts for a week. It's all about finding new ways to exercise your own personal character strengths.
To find your personal top three character strengths, head over to this site and take the free 15-minute character test that's widely used by psychologists. It's called the VIA-IS and it's private and confidential.

Now, every day for a week, find one new and different way to use one of your three signature strengths to do something or help someone.

The template below can help you keep track:
Why it works
Exercising your character strengths in new ways improves wellbeing because it broadens and builds a positive sense of self, authenticity and vitality.
Further reading

The science stuff
(proof it works)
Research #1

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Research #2

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