Random Acts of Kindness
Exercise Nº5
Small acts of kindness can brighten the day .
How it works
Every week commit to making five random acts of kindness. They can be large or small, it's your choice.
Check out this site for ideas.

The template below can help you keep track
Why it works
This activity works because it makes you more aware of your kind behaviour to others, and this has been linked to improved emotional wellbeing.
Further reading

The science stuff
(proof it works)
Research #1

Curry, O. S., Rowland, L. A., Van Lissa, C. J., Zlotowitz, S., McAlaney, J., & Whitehouse, H. (2018). Happy to help? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effects of performing acts of kindness on the well-being of the actor. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 76, 320-329.
Research #2

Otake, K., Shimai, S., Tanaka-Matsumi, J., Otsui, K., & Frederickson, B. L. (2006). Happy people become happier through kindness: A counting kindnesses intervention. Journal of Happiness Studies, 7, 361–375.